Out And About


USA, 83 Minutes
Producers Ivon Visalli, Konstantin von Krusenstiern
Screenwriter Peter Callahan
Executive Producer David Snyder
Editors Graham Goodwin, Andrew Hafitz
Cinematographer David Tumblety
Music By Jano Manzali
Cast Peter Callahan, Maggie Lacey, Tom Nelis, Bridget White, Matthew Boston, Daniel Stewart Sherman, John Joseph Gallagher, Finnerty Steeves

An unconventional tale about a man coming to terms with his life over the course of an afternoon walk. Raw, honest, poignant and funny, the story explores the contrast between our inner and outer selves, the conflict between old dreams and new realities, and one man’s search for meaning as he wrestles with aging, success, failure, and his ultimate place in the world.



USA, 14 Minutes
Director Anthony Pitsilos
Producers Jorge Mancilla, Anthony Pitsilos, Edwin R. Ruiz, Allison Torem
Editor Jonathan Becker
Cinematographer Chad Gilchrist