USA, 97 Minutes
Director Michael Glover Smith
Producers Clare Cooney, Aaron Wertheimer
Screenwriter Michael Glover Smith
Executive Producers Brian Hieggelke, Jan Hieggelke
Editor Eric Marsh
Cinematographer Olivia Aquilina
Music By Cait Rappel
Cast Wendy Robie, Francis Guinan, Cameron Scott Roberts, Clare Cooney, Keith D. Gallagher, Emily Lape

Relative explores the love and conflicts that arise in a family at a crossroads. How will the Frank family handle separations, new romances, and empty-nesting following the college graduation of the youngest member of their clan? Time, love, family reunions and online proclivities test all characters in this ensemble film.

After (A Love Story)


United States, 14 Minutes
Director Clare Cooney
Producers Alyssa Thordarson, Clare Cooney
Executive Producers Divisionist Films, Juan Francisco Villa, Raymond Esposito
Editor Clare Cooney
Cinematographer Jason Chiu
Music By Kris English
Cast Glenn Stanton, Alyssa Thordarson, Susaan Jamshidi